Nov 24, 2008

Mineke Reindeers tags me

Este humilde sitio foi marcado por Mineke Reinders uma aguarelista que muito admiro e que visito regularmente aqui. Abaixo eu listo alguns outros sitios onde eu vou para aprender mais.

I have been tagged, and I thank Mineke Reinders for the honor. I regularly drop by her blog to enjoy her great watercolors. Some of the blogs that I regularly visit have already been tagged by her so I won’t be redundant, but I will list those:

Brent Perkins
Rob Carey

And a few others:

Terry's Ink and Watercolor
Reflections on a life of medicine and art
Pequete's art journal
Estados de Alma

I am having %#$@&! problems with linking today so this list is not linked. I will try again tomorrow.